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Culture Change Project

Designed a culture change initiative.

The Project

A technology firm providing solutions to the travel industry was interested in rolling out a culture change initiative — one that encapsulated its handful of organizational values. With a footprint spread across the globe, the organization’s goal was maximum employee adoption and utilization, while taking into account cultural differences.

The Solutions

(1) Created and delivered an executive-level presentation providing both a high-level perspective as well as a detailed walk-through of how to design and implement a Culture of Accountability initiative throughout the enterprise, (2) Recommended and explained the Results Pyramid Model, a simple & memorable methodology for efficiently and effectively changing the way people think and act throughout an organization to ensure that they achieve their desired results, and (3) Suggested a Steps To Accountability model (to be used in conjunction with the Results Pyramid Model) to accelerate the cultural shifts that need to happen.

Project Portfolio

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