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Optum Leadership Academy

Designed 2-week Leadership Academy program to equip Client Managers with expertise in healthcare revenue cycle & mastery of physician healthcare practices.

The Project

Optum—a leader in healthcare revenue cycle management (RCM) services—was interested in designing a Leadership Academy to equip its RCM Client Managers with expertise in healthcare revenue cycle, mastery of physician healthcare practices, and deep knowledge of the company’s product lines.

The Solutions

(1) Worked closely with the Director of Learning & Development and the VP of Leadership Development to build and design a 2-week, in-person Optum Leadership Academy program; (2) Partnered with senior and functional leaders across the Optum enterprise (including C-Level Executives; Senior Vice Presidents; Vice Presidents; Senior Directors; Directors; Senior Managers; and Managers) to design session contents and facilitate sessions; (3) Provided coaching and feedback to session facilitators on their presentations; (4) For their Capstone Projects, participants were required to: (i) Evaluate a case study of a physician practice and identify gaps in their financial performance, (ii) Analyze which Optum Product Solution(s) might resolve the gap, and (iii) Justify how that product(s) and/or service(s) can improve the financial health & performance of the client.

Project Portfolio

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