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  • Steve Nguyen, PhD

The Many Benefits of Coaching Employees

Updated: Aug 24, 2022

“Coaching is helping another person reach higher levels of effectiveness by creating a dialogue that leads to awareness and action.” -Brian Emerson and Anne Loehr

“When an employee has the skills and ability to complete the task at hand, but for some reason is struggling with the confidence, focus, motivation, drive, or bandwidth to be at their best, coaching can help.” -Brian Emerson and Anne Loehr

In the classic coaching book, Coaching for Performance (2009), the late John Whitmore described numerous benefits of coaching. Included in the list are benefits to the recipient (i.e., the client/coachee) as well as benefits to the team and the larger organization (pp. 156-158):

  • Improved performance and productivity

  • Staff development

  • Improved learning

  • Improved relationships

  • Improved quality of life for individuals

  • More time for the manager

  • More creative ideas

  • Better use of people, skills, and resources

  • Faster and more effective emergency response

  • Greater flexibility and adaptability to change

  • More motivated staff

  • Culture change

  • A life skill

In the book, Coaching People (McManus, 2006), benefits to the person being coached are (pp. 5-6):

  • maximizing their individual strengths

  • overcoming personal challenges/obstacles

  • achieving new skills & competencies to become more effective

  • preparing for new work/job roles or responsibilities

  • improvement in managing themselves (e.g., better time management)

  • clarifying and working toward goals (e.g., learning about and setting SMART goals)

  • increasing their job satisfaction and motivation

Benefits to the team and organization include (McManus, 2006, p. 6):

  • improving the working relationships between manager & direct reports (i.e., employees)

  • developing & fostering more productive teams

  • using organizational resources more effectively

Written By: Steve Nguyen, Ph.D. Organizational & Leadership Development Leader


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