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Leadership Development Project

Designed a Leadership Development workshop to empower managers and employees to become more effective leaders.

The Project

A learning and leadership development organization was interested in creating a leadership academy workshop to equip team members and high-potentials with tools and skills to become more effective leaders. The executive leader was concerned that his direct reports were not empowered enough to handle non-critical issues on their own. These employees frequently turned to him for help, even with minor issues that could have been avoided or resolved by them or by coordinating with team members and/or managers.

The Solutions

(1) Designed the workshop curriculum (including topics, course length, descriptions, evidence-based leadership competencies, delivery mechanisms [instructor-led and e-learning], and objectives/learning outcomes), (2) Researched and recommended a specific leadership assessment to senior leadership that would identify participant's leadership skills and provide participants with a profile of their leadership skills, including both strengths and weaknesses, (3) Added a mentoring module with six mentoring dimensions, and clearly identifying and outlining the mentor’s role and the mentee’s behavioral expectations, (4) Partnered with the Learning Management System (LMS) administrator to certify successful eLearning delivery (i.e., that the learning platform and course content can understand each other and work together, and the Learning Management System is able to read, run, and report on the course content) as well as eLearning evaluation (e.g., at the end of the workshop, did participants achieve the learning objectives).

Project Portfolio

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