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Talent Management Project

Designed and delivered an executive-level Succession Planning presentation.

The Project

Numerous mergers & acquisitions (M&A) and a changing business model contributed to the attrition of talented employees for a $100 million-a-year revenue cycle management firm.

The Solutions

(1) Designed an executive-level Succession Planning presentation (including a “Talent Profile” template and a “9-Box Grid & Key” to facilitate Succession Planning meetings and High Potential selections) for managers and executives. The presentation provided both a high-level perspective as well as a detailed walk-through of succession planning. (2) Created a 6-Step Succession Planning process [including a “Talent Profile” template & a “9-Box Grid & Key”]: 1. identifying critical roles; 2. building job profiles & determining competencies; 3. identifying HiPos & conducting talent reviews; 4. developing HiPos with development plans; 5. tracking critical roles & talent movement; 6. deploying talents.

Project Portfolio

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