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Service King Leadership Academy

Designed a Leadership Academy program to train front-line managers and mid-level directors to become more effective leaders.

The Project

Service King Collision—a leading operator of comprehensive, high-quality collision repair facilities—was interested in designing a company-wide Leadership Academy to ensure that front-line and mid-level leaders throughout the company possessed the knowledge, skills, and abilities to effectively function in their roles.

The Solutions

(1) Partnered with The University of Texas at Dallas, a well-respected university, to analyze the needs, and design, develop, implement & evaluate the 3-day portion of the program hosted on the university campus; (2) Designed, developed, implemented, and evaluated the 2-day portion of the program hosted on Service King's HQ campus; (3) Collaborated with Service King's C-suite executives, senior leaders, and subject matter experts to build program curriculum and design session contents; (4) Created a multi-week cohort follow-up to the 5-day in-person training, comprised of monthly calls, podcasts, videos, books, and links to resources; (5) Engaged with every level of leadership (including C-Level Executives; Senior Vice Presidents; Vice Presidents; Associate Vice Presidents; Senior Directors; Directors; Senior Managers; and Managers), across all functions, to deliver strategic, targeted, value-added sessions.

Project Portfolio

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